Falling In

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Falling In (2016). 30″x30″. Acrylic on canvas

Aloha! I am ready to be out of my painting hiatus now. It’s been quite a busy *non-art* few months for me lately. Most of you know that I am a postdoc in clinical psychology by day, and a (yes, still) starving artist by night. I have been putting off my artwork for the past few months to focus on licensure and other work-related projects, which I believe is slowly paying off. After a warm discussion with an artist friend of mine yesterday, I have come to realize that I have now run out of all types of excuses for not painting. So I made an executive decision this morning to go and buy canvases and hop back on the saddle. Took a little bit of easing into, but my, how I’ve missed this feeling. 🙂

For my recent piece, I decided to start on a 30″x30″ canvas and work my way around slowly. I wanted to improve upon my last few works, where I constantly found myself struggling with what seemed like a lack of “grounding” base for the colors to fall into. I made sure to have a focal point to draw the viewer in immediately, and then lead them slowly down, into, and on all sides of the work. As for my color palette, this time, the rosy colors of pink, deep red, and peach pink/orange caught my attention. Not sure if I’m done as of now, but here’s  what I have so far–maybe need more greens and orangey-yellows? I never really know what the end point will look like, but as always, I just let the process draw me in and follow willingly.

So come along, Pond, and fall in with me. ❤


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